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Ladies & Gentlemen ... our Pre-Sale is happening NOW

Last year our Real Estate planners sold out by the Holiday's. Now is your chance to pre-order and secure the planner(s) of your choice. We have made many enhancements to our 2019 line of planners and listened to you ... our customers!

Our 2019 planners include thicker paper, less pages, upgraded layout, Smyth sewn binding options, weekly editions, a leather edition, and more! Get your order in before we sell out. Quantities are limited!

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In everything we do, we believe in maximizing a business owners Talents, Time, and PotentialNurturing the unique greatness in you and pulling out improvement for the rest.  We believe when an entrepreneur is working at their optimal speed and quality that is the ultimate contribution that can be given to the world.  We have created the pages in this planner to make your small business operate like a big business with: 

  • Goal Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Monthly Calendars, Review Pages, & Expense Tracking
  • Daily Pages Sectioned to Track the Most Important Items in Your Day & Business

Our planners are designed to be your vision guide. To help garner goal-oriented results that you can be proud of. To ensure you have all aspects of your business on your radar so that you don't lose momentum by only focusing on the things you enjoy doing. Your Beyond Routine Planner is designed to be your personal assistant, accountability partner, motivator, and instructor. Once you decide where you want to be in 10 years, your planner will ensure you arrive soundly, with peace of mind, and maybe in half the time!

Register Now: How to Stand Out From the Crowd!

Final - How to Stand Out NLA.png

JULY 19TH, 2018, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Understanding how Realtor’s can stand out in the business world today is not only relevant, but critical. The Real Estate market is more crowded than ever before with everyone competing for the same clients, properties and listings. What are the activities that will set them apart? Attendees will learn strategies to become the expert in their space rather than simply blending in. They will be able to create the experience for their customers that will keep them coming back again and providing referrals. Being able to be intentional with their marketing, networking and relationships will round out the session. If all of this sounds like something you'd love to learn about, then this is the class for you!

Join us as we learn directly from the President of Selling In A Skirt - International Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Mentor, Judy Hoberman!

There will also be a Q&A session, and our instructor will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We hope to see you all at this very special CE Class Event from CE Providers Steve Ortega and Westcor Land Title Insurance Company!

Join Us: July 12th at 11AM | Lunch & Learn: Bond Programs 101

One of my top producing agents advises spending all your extra time with lenders, learning how you can help every buyer you meet. Learn of the different products that can service your clients' needs and be the smartest agent in the room when you are speaking with potential buyers. 

Come and learn from one the greatest lenders in DFW! The class is free and lunch is on us!

July 12 Bond Programs 101-Bob-Johnson-May 8 (002) (2).jpg

Next Level Agents: Thank You for Attending Our May 1031 Exchange Class

We had a full house last week learning more about 1031 Exchanges with Lu Ann Blough! Great information!! We are looking forward to next months class on Inspections and hope you will join us. Be on the lookout soon for sign up information.

Next Level Agents: April Financial Planning Class Was A Hit!

We had another successful #NextLevelAgents class in April with the best real estate agents in DFW! This topic is near and dear to our hearts. #FinancialPlanning for entrepreneurs is an overlooked missing piece in most business plans and A. Box Financial presented a candid and transparent conversation to a group of professionals, so we can be honest about where we are and start preparing for our future life. Thank you to the amazing Annetta Taylor!

Stay tuned for sign ups for our next class!

Next Level Agents: Thank You for a Successful Class!

YAY, we did it!! Thanks for such a great class in March. The feedback we received was very positive and hopefully we can all benefit from the wealth of knowledge that Cheri Feuerbacher shared with us. We are thrilled with how great the turn out has been for these classes and we hope to see you at our next class! 

Stay tuned for info on the upcoming Next Level Agents class.

Upcoming Class: Financial Planning for Your Future!

UPCOMING CLASS: Financial Planning for Your Future with Financial Planner of A. Box Financial, Annetta Taylor!
April 25th, 2018, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

If you are wondering how you can save for your future with a commission based income then this is the class for you! Join us as we learn budgeting tips and strategies directly from Financial Planner Annetta Taylor on how to use commission payments to your advantage in order to prepare for the future, for taxes and for growing your business! 

  • Building your business with a commission based paycheck
  • Tips to budgeting when each paycheck is different
  • How to use commission payments to your advantage
  • Strategies to maximize commissions for your future, for taxes and for your now

There will also be a Q&A session, and our instructor will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Time will be left after class to pull Annetta aside for anyone needing one on one consulting!

We hope to see you all at this very informative event! 

Voyage Dallas Feature

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

We are thrilled to have been featured on Voyage Dallas for Beyond Routine Planner! Beyond Routine is a passion project for us and we are thrilled with the success it has had in its first year! We are working hard for the next edition to make it even better for you all in 2019! Take a look at our Voyage Dallas feature below:

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tristan Skiles and Tiffany Haynes.

Tristan and Tiffany, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
We, Tristan Skiles and Tiffany Haynes, are the founders of Beyond Routine, LLC. We run a very successful Real Estate Virtual Assistant Company. The Virtual Assistant company started with one person and has grown to into a full staff, supporting entire real estate teams and brokerages.

Finding a planner that encompassed everything we were responsible for was daunting. Most of the time we found ourselves customizing the planners that we used, as they were designed more for the general busy professional. The planners did not assist with all the different departments you have to manage when running a company. We didn’t have a place to track expenses or to track marketing performances to ensure we didn’t throw money down the drain. The planners didn’t help reverse engineer our long term goals to ensure that our weekly and monthly goals were in alignment. The planners task lists didn’t separate the must do’s of the day with a separate section for the less important.

So, the idea was dreamed up to to design our very own planner and Beyond Routine was born!

We are actively immersed in the Real Estate Industry on a daily basis. There is not an agent that we come in contact with where advice is not given!

Together, we help agents construct their financial goals for the year and discuss how that transcribes to the things you need do every day to ensure you reach those goals. We teach agents that you cannot just focus on buying and selling real estate if you want to be in this for the long haul. You have to think of your business like a company, reviewing every subset of your business and ensuring those tasks are on your radar or strategically delegated to an expert in that field.

The successful Virtual Assistant company, VBS Real Estate is now referral only, we only take clients that are referred by active clients to ensure their quality and reputation is always at a manageable rate. It was without a second thought that we designed a planner just for Real Estate professionals to ensure agents had complete control over their career and lives. It is the objective that the agent was left to begin with the end in mind and had a guide to take with them as they served families but kept their business and well-being a top priority as well.

During the process of designing the Real Estate Edition Planner, we were approached by several entrepreneurs, small business professionals, friends and family who desired the same goal planning and strategy pages that the Real Estate Edition planner had to offer. Being that we were busy professionals ourselves we knew that this was a need that we could meet. Thus, the Entrepreneur Edition was created to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs, like ourselves, manage their daily tasks, strategize, dream and plan.

To say this is a labor of love is an understatement! Hours of planning, designing, strategizing, gathering market research and simply putting ourselves in the seat of the entrepreneur were all done to get this right and to make sure it encompassed everything needed.

To live Beyond Routine is an invitation that we worked hard to be able to offer our customers. We hope that each customer accepts this invitation! If you do, we are committed for a lifetime to evolve year after year with you. Taking in your feedback and providing the most efficient and innovative planner they have ever used!

Has it been a smooth road?
As with any first year of business, there have been some hiccups along the way. We went into this with confidence, a budget and high expectations. Each of which was a bit shaken at one time or another.

Because this was our first year and we were so excited to offer this product to agents, we decided to offer pre-sales of our planners. We had discussed with our printer the turn-around time for production and shipping and were confident that all items would be in stock in time. However, as with any shipment of this nature, delays are common and we had just about every delay possible hit us. This was so frustrating for our customers as-well-as for us! We made a decision not to do pre-sales again and to make sure we are ordering early enough to have all product on hand by the time the customer places their order.

Another thing, we really didn’t know about was the expense of shipping cargo by sea and all of the freight, transportation, loading and miscellaneous other charges that incur. These add up quickly and was something we did not expect.

Lastly, once we received our inventory and began shipping planners out to customers we learned of some printing errors that had taken place. These are common and do happen in mass production in low volumes. However, for us, this was unacceptable and did not meet our standards of the quality that we expected in our product and wanted our customers to receive. We made it a point to make sure that moving forward our high expectations are met and that inventory control is a high priority.

Each of the above instances shook our confidence at one time or another. However, our love of this product and the feedback, compliments and high demand from so many amazing customers have just confirmed what we knew when we began this journey.

Continue reading the rest of the interview here

Upcoming Class: Confused on the TREC Contract Changes?

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Confused on the TREC Contract Changes?


- Review the marketing changes
- Review the contract changes
- Take changes line by line to ensure comprehension
- Live Q&A to address your questions

Sign up HERE

We Have Coordinated 1,000 Contracts!

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

We have reached a huge milestone here at Virtual Business Solutions Real Estate! 

The company as a whole has coordinated 1,000 contracts as of this month!

Transaction coordinating started as a service that only our CEO Tiffany did, while our COO Tristan did the listings. We have evolved to a staff of thirteen, 5 of whom are transaction coordinators. In 2016 we created a transaction coordinator manager position to complete audits,  increase oversight and to have ongoing and available mentorship. 

The success we have achieved is due to an all-encompassing package

  • Robust & Thorough: Sending all contact information to all parties no matter whose side we support. Proactive measures, asking for items before they’re late, checking in with all parties before issues are brought to us in the final hour. Handling the clients system of record - Dotloop, Skyslope, Reesio - we know them all! Sending the extra touches to the client (utility transfer, walk through of home warranty process). 
  • Marketing Included: We ensure everything you need to maximize from your transaction is included. Request reviews, social media posts after closing and designing your Just Sold postcard. 
  • Brand Ambassador: Our coordinators work out of assistant accounts to appear in-house with the agent. Many agents that call me have worked with our team on the other side of transaction and never knew. Our intention is to strengthen our clients brand and not our own. 

Our team goes above and beyond to please each client. Their ambition to over deliver, coupled with a robust and proactive system, all packaged at a price an independent agent can pay or a broker can absorb for his team, has positioned us as leaders in this niche industry. 

In honor of our 1,000th contract we are doing something we have NEVER done: if you are an active client, that has never used our TC service we are waiving our deposit so you can see what all the hype is about! 
If you are not an active client, we are a referral only company with quarterly open enrollments, we are not currently in open enrollment but to celebrate we will waive the requirement for 72 hours if you would like to add hours into your day to focus on your highest and most impactful tasks.

Thank you to an amazing team and incredibly loyal clients, we celebrate today, 1,000 contracts coordinated!

Next Level Agents: Thank You for Attending Our Appraisal Class!

Next Level Agents is a resource and class dedicated to agents that are ready to go to the Next Level! All classes are live in the DFW area and are sponsored by Fidelity National Title, Iberia Bank, Goosehead Insurance and VBS Real Estate.

Our first class was a huge success! An interactive and packed room kicked off our Next Level Agents class for 2018! Thank you for coming and a special thank you to Steve Nichols for contributing his wealth of knowledge!

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston
Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston
Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Stay tuned! Information on the next class will be released soon. We hope you to see you there!

Join Us: Next Level Agents Appraisal Class

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston


- How to help make appraised value
- What information to provide to the appraiser
- Do’s & Don’ts
- In-depth look at the appraisal process & priorities
- Ask every question that you want!

LIVE Q&A session, our instructor will be happy to answer any general questions and/or issues you may run into during the appraisal process. 

Visit our website to sign up to attend:


Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston



EMAIL VBS Real Estate

*Important Real Estate Notice: New TREC Guidelines

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) recently adopted updated advertising rules. The effective date of the new rules is May 15, 2018, and we want to make sure everyone is thoroughly prepared for the changes.

These new rules are the result of years of work by the Commission and key stakeholders focusing on clarity of advertisements for consumers with the least restrictions on license holders. The rules also interpret and balance revised statutory requirements supporting free commerce and business competition with those protecting the consumer from misleading advertisements.

Senate Bill 2212, passed during the 85th legislature, made changes to the regulations governing advertising for brokers and sales agents, eliminating an age-old law that the advertiser be identified as a broker or agent in all advertising. However, it clarifies that an advertisement is misleading if it fails to include the name of the broker or implies that a sales agent is responsible for the operation of a brokerage. The bill also restricted any TREC rule from requiring the use of the term broker, agent, a reference to the Texas Real Estate Commission, or a license number in advertisements. Keep in mind, license holders can still choose to use those terms in advertisements if they want. 

Chapter 1101.652(b)(23) clearly states that license holder’s advertising cannot be misleading, cannot imply that a sales agent is the responsible party, and must include the name of the broker.

Chapter 1101.156(b), continues to restrict the Commission from regulating certain forms of advertising, personal appearance or voice, or the use of a registered assumed business name. New language was added to this statute, to also restrict the Commission from requiring the use of the term "broker," "agent," or a similar designation or term, a reference to the commission, or the person's license number in a license holder’s  advertisement.

TREC’s Advertising Rules

The current rule was split into two rules to separate out name and registration of name requirements from advertising requirements (§535.154 and §535.155).

TREC Rule §535.154 Registration and Use of Names

This rule defines alternate name, associated broker, assumed business name and team name. Each type of name must be registered with TREC before the name can be used in an advertisement. This is a change from the existing rule. The most significant change concerns team names.   A team name is not an assumed business name of the broker, and cannot contain terms that imply that the team is offering brokerage services independent of the broker. Team names must end with the terms “team” or “group”.

TREC Rule §535.155 Advertisements

All license holders’ advertisements must include the license holder’s name or team name. It also must include the broker’s name in at least half the size of the largest contact information for any sales agent, associated broker, or team name contained in the advertisement.

Understanding that advertisements take many different forms today, the Commission revised the exception for social media to allow more flexibility. An advertisement on social media will comply with the rule as long as the license holder has linked to the required information in the account profile or the information is readily accessible by a direct link in the advertisement.

Subsection (d) – 20 instances of advertisements that may mislead the public

This subsection lays out 20 ways a license holder may violate statutory advertisement requirements. Most of these were in the existing rule too.  These examples are not the only ways a license holder’s advertisement can be misleading. Here are a few set out in the subsection:

  1. Using a title, such as "owner", "president", "CEO", "COO", or another similar title, email or website address that implies a sales agent is responsible for the operation of a brokerage.
  2. A team name with terms that imply the team is offering brokerage services independent from its sponsoring broker, including, but not limited to, “realty”, “brokerage”, “company”, and “associates”
  3. An ad that contains the name of a sales agent whose name is, in whole or in part, used in a broker’s name and that implies that the sales agent is responsible for the operation of the brokerage
  4. Including the value of a property, unless it is based on an appraisal that is disclosed and readily available upon request by a party or it is given in compliance with § 535.17 (required disclaimer for estimated worth or sales price)

Be sure to reference subsection (d) before placing an ad or ordering new signage to ensure your advertisements do not resemble any of the examples of misleading advertisement given in the rule.

The Gist

TREC knows there has been a lot of concerns and misinformation about advertising requirements. These new rules simplify requirements and ensure consumers know whom they are working with. We want to make sure we help you get into and stay in compliance with these new rules.

You can read more in-depth about the new advertising rules here.

You can also download this PDF which will show you examples of acceptable advertising and those that are not approved by the TREC guidelines. 

VBSRE Feature: Listing Presentations - Ready to Order!

We provide custom listing presentation templates where you can have a complete modern and professional listing presentation in PPT form so you can add your own images and contact information or request that we finalize the custom presentation for you!

The Ultimate Listing Presentation!

Now Available to Purchase as a template or fully customized with your information and brand! 

You have just found the most impressive and strategically organized Real Estate Listing Presentation that will help you win listings. This custom listing presentation is easy to use, cost effective, and works great for any real estate agent – experienced or not! Our listing presentation can be fully customized to match any brokerage’s identity and branding, any agent’s business model, and will work in any market.

2017 was Amazing, Looking Forward to All 2018 Has In Store!

We truly enjoyed making the rounds to several holiday events with our clients that we work so closely with year round! It’s always refreshing to take a step back and share a laugh. As we begin the new year and we are in full swing again, we just wanted to say one last THANK YOU for an amazing 2017 for VBSRE! 

Q & A: How Can I Raise the Bar on My Social Media in 2018?

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Far too often we think of social media in the same way that we thought about the cork boards in the coffee shops many years ago — as a place to tell people what we need.

Social media is not about what you need. It’s about what you can give.

Real estate agents are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to public perception.  Frankly, people don’t like us. Social media has not helped our fight to get out of the basement of public opinion for one reason: on the whole, we don’t know how to use it.

The common idea is that social media is for telling people about your listings, showcasing your buyers at the closing table, promoting how great you are or how amazing the market is right now. 

We overuse words like “fantastic,” “unbelievable,” “awesome” and “opportunity.” We claim that our own genius sold a house in one day despite location and price.      

All of that has a place in marketing, but posting about what you need will, eventually, tarnish your brand. It will become, well, annoying. 

If we focused on three basic strategy pieces in our social media use, our brand would strengthen along with the perception of our industry.

Add value      

This is not all about you, but it, also, is all about you.

The age-old thought that people are hiring you and not your brokerage could not be more true. Adding value to the problems that the buyers and sellers are facing reinforces your position in the market.

If you are giving away knowledge, tips, advice or data that is not easily attainable, the perception of your value will increase. 

If a potential clients see multiple posts that answer their unasked questions or solve their problems, they will turn the volume up on what you say via social media. You will have earned their attention. That is the ultimate goal on these platforms: attention.

Posting your listings, your closing pictures and the promotional items can be a part of your strategy, but it needs to be peppered with some high-value posts as well. Things like:

  • Market data from the MLS is useful and hard to get for the general public
  • Strategy for buying and selling in your market
  • Low-cost staging tips

Be real

There is a big difference in creating content and reporting what is happening. 

There is a need for produced content in your strategy, but the off-the-cuff and real posts tend to get the most traction. 

It promotes authenticity, honesty and the fact that you are a real person. Give people a sense of how you show up. 

If all of your social media content is produced, and you do not show up to the listing appointment the same way — it can become negative branding.

You want to show up as your authentic self every time, be it social media or in a meeting.

  • Look at a post as a conversation starter. Be natural. Use your tone and words. Be open to responses. 
  • Embrace the mess-up. If you stumble your words or put up the wrong graphic, don’t pull the plug. Acknowledge it, and keep going.
  • If you don’t believe it, don’t post it. 

Use video

If you aren’t already using video, start incorporating it immediately.

Video is a delivery method that reinforces your principles and core values. It allows your audience to get to know you on a deeper level.

Our attention span is around eight seconds at last check. The written word does not capture people the way that an image does on social media. When you add voice and tone into the mix, you increase your chances of gaining someones attention.

There is no replacement for your voice and face working at the same time to provide good, valuable content. I would be shocked if this was the first time you have heard this, yet, many avoid using video.

Do not waste time worrying about being prefect, focus on three things when you shoot video for social media:

  • Can you see what you want people to see in the video?   
  • Can you hear the person talking in the video?
  • Is the video too long to get the point across? The shorter, the better — as long as you prove your point or deliver your content goal.

We toil over making sure that people know that we sell houses. Our tendency is to only talk about what we are selling or how well we are doing in our business. It feeds our ego and promotes success. 

However, very few agents are able to push back the curtain on the produced video and rise above the photoshopped headshot and the scripted conversations far enough to gain a real audience through social media platforms.

By adding a deeper goal to your strategy, you will reinforce your brand and bring your business to a level of approachability on these channels. You become more service and less sales. For social media purposes, that is far more likeable.

Tip of the Week: Use Drip Marketing

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Email drips are some of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to automatically reach out to leads. To act non-confrontational, keep your drip emails very informal with an end goal of getting your lead to take an action like responding.

What Real Estate Trends Should We Watch For In 2018?

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

As the real estate market continues to evolve, new trends are emerging for 2018. Buyers will be more in control as the housing supply will finally catch up with buyer demand, according to a report by Additionally, more millennials will be looking to get out of their parents’ basement and purchase a home of their own.

Real estate agents have the challenging task of changing with the market and being responsive to their clients’ needs. Whether it is a buyer looking to purchase a new house or a seller looking to get the best price for their home sale, real estate agents will need to stay up on the trends of 2018 and be ready to respond to a growing demand for real estate.

Ten members of Forbes Real Estate Council shared what trend in real estate they predict will have the biggest impact on their business in 2018. Here is what they had to say:

1. Co-living And Community-Driven Spaces

Co-living and community-driven residential will increasingly have a larger impact on the multifamily industry as it changes to reflect a new wave of renter demands and wants. Just as amenities have defined the last decade of commercial real estate development, the need for unique experiences and services will heighten competition. - Benjamin Pleat, Doorbell Inc.

2. Short-Term Rentals

The rise of the short-term rental market has created a boom in opportunity for large property owners or the single family owner. Priorities range from renting a room occasionally for extra cash to renting entire vacation homes at three to five times the local and regional market since you now can access a global community. - Susan Leger Ferraro, Peace, Love, Happiness Real Estate

3. Fractional Investing

As peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding catch mainstream attention, folks looking for greater diversification and passive investment opportunities will engage in factional investing. The last few years have seen some extremely credible startups innovate in this space, and next year could lead to individuals moving away from sole ownership to fractional ownership via crowdfunding. - Sohin Shah, InstaLend

4. Smaller Living

Tiny apartments and mobile living will be a solution to increasing housing density in overpopulated areas. This will become more of a norm in big cities and will drive up operating income on existing apartment stock. This likely won't have a huge effect on 2018, but it will over the next decade. - Nathaniel Kunes, AppFolio Inc.

5. New Appraisal Legislation

The new tax bill may further restrict new home-buyers from entering the market. Implementation of appraisal management company regulations in 2018 will increase costs and have the greatest impact on our business. It will increase the cost to do business, which will ultimately increase the cost to the consumer. - Cindy Nasser, PCVMurcor

6. The Rise Of The Real Estate Investor

The stigma around the average real estate investor seems to have faded with the recession but also, the rise of the corporate/national real estate investor is happening as well. I see that niche becoming more competitive, recognizable and digitized in 2018. Many home owners won't think twice about entertaining an investor offer alongside considering selling with agents. -  Tracy Royce,  Royce of Real Estate

7. On-Demand Access For Renters

We often hear from renters that they are too busy to sweat the small stuff. They want immediate tour confirmations, like booking a restaurant on OpenTable, and near-immediate confirmation that they have leased, like booking a hotel. This real-time service expectation from a new generation of renters is exactly what we plan to cater to in 2018. - Anthemos Georgiades, Zumper

8. Growth Of Private And Alternative Real Estate Investments

We expect consumers will continue to invest more capital into private and alternative real estate assets, as public markets remain at record highs across all major asset classes, and comparable yield risk remains favorable to private real estate vs. higher risk bonds and equivalents. - Colin Bogar, Property Passbook

9. The Rise Of Micro Units

Rental rates have been increasing across urban areas for the last several years, and the most impacted cities have seen a rise in micro units. These well-designed rooms, as small as 200 square feet, maximize every square inch available. Places like The Panoramic in San Francisco and Yotel in New York have been the first to embrace the model, and we see this trend expanding over the next year. - Nav Athwal, RealtyShares

10. Millennial Buyers

I believe that the new buyers are millennials and we, as agents, need to become more proactive in the community to become that millennial choice. This generation has many different options for home ownership including tiny homes, investment homes and coliving situations with friends or family. It's going to be a huge learning curve and a fun adventure all around! - Kevin Taylor, Sand to City Real Estate Team