Q & A: What is the Best Use of My Time During the Holiday Season When Business is Slow?

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I love building systems! I build them then I perfect the one I just built, then I build another, then I perfect the system I built three systems ago. This, quite honestly is the best use of my time. I am organized and I am creative, and I have built my business upon those talents.

As a real estate agent the most lucrative thing you can do is buy and sell houses. But the best use of your time is channeling your genius and creating an atmosphere to eliminate mistakes and challenges you have experienced in the past. This reason alone is why the upcoming winter season should have you slightly overwhelmed with the possibilities of how you can spend your time.

What sets you apart from other agents? Does your online presence tell me that? Why not? You have the entire holiday season to figure it out. Your sphere of influence has not heard from you since the last Christmas card? Epic Fail. You have the entire holiday season to figure out how to get on a consistent touch campaign with your contacts. You have a genius e-book rolling around in your head? Not gonna do much good there. You have the entire holiday season to get it down on paper. Feeling unorganized? You have the entire…. You get where this is going.

Sign up for the training classes that you know will enhance your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths. Automate everything you can so when business picks up the things you put into place don’t suffer. State your goals now, document them and give them a due date of January 5th. All goals should have you more efficient with a stronger presence, make you smarter, faster, a recharged, rejuvenated and well organized machine - making you unstoppable to the agent that spent the holidays worried, bored and sleeping in. 

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