Q & A: What Should I Do If I Receive a Negative Review?

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How to handle negative reviews

Getting into an online fight with a client who has posted a negative review will only create more problems for you and your business. Instead, a better approach is to contact the client offline and ask if there is anything that you can do to fix the problem. If so, take steps to do so immediately. Most reasonable people will remove the negative review if the issue has been addressed or will at least post an update saying that you contacted them and dealt with the issue.

If the person is unreasonable, at that point you can post your own response. Avoid getting into any discussion about the details or trying to defend yourself. Instead, post something like this:

“Ms. Client, I would really like to fix this situation. Would you please contact me so we can work this out?”

Notice that there is no defense of your position, no justification and no explanation. Instead, you are inviting the person to join you in seeking some sort of resolution. Moreover, even if the person does not contact you, anyone viewing the post can see that you reached out and were attempting to resolve the issue.

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