Q & A: What is the Best Way to Keep In Touch With Clients?

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The bare minimum of your "Keep in Touch" campaign needs to be a monthly e-newsletter. I recommend this to both new agents and seasoned agents. You should have something hitting their inbox at least monthly and as stated in the tip from last week, ensure it 'adds value.' Send household tips, Just Listed/Solds, a market snapshot, a personal note; go crazy but DO SOMETHING! Think of your email list as grant money, money that can fuel your business that you don't have to pay back. Utilizing your email list is applying for the grant money that already has your name on it. Not using the list, well that's saying you don't even want to apply for guaranteed money that can fuel your business and take care of your family.

I would also recommend selecting the social media platform of your choice and taking charge! Are you the kind of person every time you log in to a social media platform, it appears to be a party you are either too late for, or the cool kids have taken over and you don't think you fit in? Shaking your head yes? GET OVER IT! The good thing about your page is it is YOUR PAGE, make it your own. Post what you want to post, how you like to post it, it should fit with your personality and brand. At VBSRE, we pride ourselves on customizing our clients' social media schedule to ensure it does not appear someones' page has been invaded by aliens. Your platform should be an extension of you, if it is not, anyone that knows you will not engage. 

Now I could go into a full keep in touch campaign manifesto that is sure to make someone's head spin, but anyone building a referral based business knows this is paramount. Shoot me an email and I'll give you some tips on that! But for now do two things: 

1. Start an e-newsletter TODAY!
2. Take a social media platform of your choice and create your atmosphere.

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