Boomerang for Gmail

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To know me is to know that I am ALWAYS working! I personally work out of Outlook most of the day but I have several clients that use Gmail. There are times where I am reviewing files on Sunday evening and drafting my follow up emails for the next day, but I have no desire to send an email on Sunday night and pull someone's attention away from their family. I also have no desire to gather my bearings the next morning to send the same email that I can send at the time.

Well the digital angels heard my request and sent: Boomerang for Gmail! It is a browser plug-in that adds time-awareness to email, something that I have within Outlook. I know what you are saying, ok so you can schedule an email, whoopdiefreakindo! But that's not it! You can schedule the email to go out, yes. You can also say, 'If no one responds by Tuesday at 3pm, remind me to follow up'. You know the times where you are fully focused and working on something and then an important email comes in, you can select the option for the email to, 'come back to my inbox in 2 hours'. It is truly a great resource! Boomerang is free as long as you only schedule 10 messages or less in a month. But if you want to continuously enjoy its features, then you must subscribe for a small fee!