Q & A: What is the best way to get reviews?

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~ Q & A Thursday with VBS Real Estate ~

Question: What is the best way to get reviews?

Answer: When the client is the happiest, ask them! As a part of our transaction coordinating package we send a thank you email to the client at the close of the deal. Thanking them for allowing us to assist them and prompting them to leave a review for the agent with clickable links for their convenience. This is the time when the funds have cleared for the sellers or the buyers are excited to move in. Send a gentle reminder after a week if they have not responded and send a thank you if they do leave review. This is our strategy but you are welcome to send whenever you interact with your client and you have just delivered good news, shoot off the email that requests they leave a review. Never let a happy client get a way without documented feedback. Even if they email the review and neglect to post it on the sites you would have preferred, you can still add it to your website!

VBS Real Estate Secret: When you send out your Just Sold postcards add your review to the card so the reader knows, not only did you sell the home but the clients expectations were exceeded!