Q & A: Do Real Estate Professionals Need CRM Software?

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Question: Do real estate professionals need CRM software?

Answer: Be it manual or the biggest and baddest system around EVERY agent needs some form of a CRM system. We have managed and seen spreadsheets that list all an agents leads, past clients and current clients with columns for last follow up and activity. This is the simplest and least inexpensive way to track leads if you are new and do not have many to manage. We have managed and operated systems as powerful and intricate as Kunversion that squeeze leads out of every possible opportunity, if your budget will allow this is the best CRM on the market today (our opinion of course). But the moral of this story is you must have something, you cannot remember every contact you come across that could be a possible lead. Mailchimp is great, but it is not a CRM. Your contact list in your email and phone are great, but those are not a CRM. In essence, a Customer Relationship Manager is useless if it is not established and managed properly. Set alerts on your phone to review your CRM weekly to clean it up, add warm leads and remove cold leads. The more up to date you keep your CRM, the more powerful it will be.

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