Q & A: How Can I Effectively Use Instagram for My Business?

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that is constantly evolving and creating new ways to gain exposure for your business. Whether you want to share an image, one minute video, a 'story' which can include still images and videos strung together, or with the latest update, you can share multiple images with a swipe-to-the-right style slideshow. 

Think about all the different ways you can use this for your real estate business:

1. The basic photo. You can share a behind-the-scenes snap of your desk space, a sneak peek of a property about to hit the market, or even a selfie to introduce yourself to the world! If you're out for lunch, take a snap of your meal and share about the local hot spots in the community.

2. A one-minute video. Give clients a quick mini tour of your listing, or share the set up for an open house. You could even share some seasonal home maintenance tips!

3. A story. This is a great way to show off a listing! Take a picture of the front, a small video entering the home, an image of the neighborhood playground, and much more that a simple website virtual tour cannot portray effectively. Another fun idea: a day in your life! What is it that you do all day? Clients would love to get to know you on a more personal level!

4. Swipe-style slideshow. Share the best pictures of your listing, share a timeline of your day-to-day activities, share the happy moments from listing to contract closing. The possibilities are endless, it's all about YOU and what you want to share.

If you haven’t adopted a strategy to implement this social network into your business yet, here are five reasons you should from Justin Levitch, contributor for Inman.