Friday Feature: Client Testimonials

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We LOVE our clients and we love when their clients want to celebrate their hardwork and show them LOVE in return for working with them to complete a real estate transaction. We take those testimonials that are filled with admiration, respect and trust and create a marketing image that reflects all that emotion in one pretty package! Take a look at some of our work below: 

Real Estate Virtual Assistant / Real Estate Agent / Social Media / Client Testimonials / Real Estate Expert
Real Estate Virtual Assistant / Real Estate Agent / Client Testimonial / Real Estate Expert

The Power of Client Testimonials

In an age where the Web has such a pervasive presence in our everyday lives, you probably won’t be surprised to find that the way people shop nowadays is quite different from way back when.

According to these statistics, up to 70% of American shoppers now say that they look at reviews online before making a purchase.

It’s not hard to imagine how that translates over to freelance work — customers today want you to “show them the money” in the form of real customers that you’ve helped in the past.

Proof positive that you should be taking your testimonials very seriously! Potential customers care more about what other customers have to say over anything else.

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help!

If you would like future clients to know not only how well you work, but how much former clients enjoyed working with you... and you have the testimonials to prove it, give us a call! We'd love to help you share these reviews and earn you new business based on the trust & LOVE your clients show you!