Q & A: How Can I Help Buyers Envision Living in a Home?

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When you have a large number of properties to compete with, or even just a few, you need to help potential buyers envision living in your listing. If a buyer can see themselves living in your home, they are far more likely to make an offer. Here are four easy tips to use to help buyers envision themselves living in your home.

Proper Staging

The right staging can go a very long way to helping buyers see themselves living in your home. A big part of the staging process is depersonalizing the home. When it’s more neutral, it’s easy for potential buyers to walk through your home and picture how they would decorate or where they would put their furniture.

When a professional stager comes into your home and sets it up properly, buyers will certainly see themselves living there. Every room will have a purpose and will help to attract the right type of buyer. For example, a stager may set up a few bedrooms as children’s rooms, but may leave one as an office or den to help attract a buyer looking for these specific features.

Create Tons of Curb Appeal

Buyers want to feel welcomed into your home and nothing is more welcoming than a great entryway. The lawn should be well manicured, while the entryway should look clean and inviting. Make sure you take the time to create plenty of curb appeal if you want buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

The last thing you need is a buyer showing up and feeling like the home isn’t for them when they step inside. The inside of your home should be amazing, but if the outside isn’t attractive, it could overshadow the inside in a negative way.

Highlight the Features

Every home has great features, such as a brick fireplace, outdoor spa area or even a nice wraparound patio. Highlight the features that make your home unique and you’ll be able to give buyers a better sense of how it will be to live in your home.

Declutter the Home

Decluttering is a huge help to allowing buyers to see themselves living in your home. Taking out unnecessary furniture, taking down family pictures and only leaving what’s necessary to show off the home will go a very long way. Usually, this is done during the staging process.

Use these four tips to help your sellers prepare their homes and to help buyers better envision themselves living in your listing.