We Have Coordinated 1,000 Contracts!

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We have reached a huge milestone here at Virtual Business Solutions Real Estate! 

The company as a whole has coordinated 1,000 contracts as of this month!

Transaction coordinating started as a service that only our CEO Tiffany did, while our COO Tristan did the listings. We have evolved to a staff of thirteen, 5 of whom are transaction coordinators. In 2016 we created a transaction coordinator manager position to complete audits,  increase oversight and to have ongoing and available mentorship. 

The success we have achieved is due to an all-encompassing package

  • Robust & Thorough: Sending all contact information to all parties no matter whose side we support. Proactive measures, asking for items before they’re late, checking in with all parties before issues are brought to us in the final hour. Handling the clients system of record - Dotloop, Skyslope, Reesio - we know them all! Sending the extra touches to the client (utility transfer, walk through of home warranty process). 
  • Marketing Included: We ensure everything you need to maximize from your transaction is included. Request reviews, social media posts after closing and designing your Just Sold postcard. 
  • Brand Ambassador: Our coordinators work out of assistant accounts to appear in-house with the agent. Many agents that call me have worked with our team on the other side of transaction and never knew. Our intention is to strengthen our clients brand and not our own. 

Our team goes above and beyond to please each client. Their ambition to over deliver, coupled with a robust and proactive system, all packaged at a price an independent agent can pay or a broker can absorb for his team, has positioned us as leaders in this niche industry. 

In honor of our 1,000th contract we are doing something we have NEVER done: if you are an active client, that has never used our TC service we are waiving our deposit so you can see what all the hype is about! 
If you are not an active client, we are a referral only company with quarterly open enrollments, we are not currently in open enrollment but to celebrate we will waive the requirement for 72 hours if you would like to add hours into your day to focus on your highest and most impactful tasks.

Thank you to an amazing team and incredibly loyal clients, we celebrate today, 1,000 contracts coordinated!