VBSRE TC Awards 2019: Agent Loyalty Award Winner

The 2,000th transaction coordinated celebration continues!

This week’s award is our Agent Loyalty Award, which goes out to the Individual Agent TC Client that has been with us the longest and the winner is…. Raul Arriaga!

2019 TC Awards

"Raul is extremely hard-working and very caring when it comes to his clients. Exceeding their expectations and providing them with the best quality service is his goal. He loves helping clients achieve the American Dream and as a loyal client of VBSRE, we can attest to his success in doing just that. Raul, thank you so much for your support and for allowing us to help you with your business all these years! You are a valued client and a good friend." -Belinda Ferrand, Transaction Coordinating Manager

Tune in next week to see who wins the Brokerage Loyalty Award!