Be Led By Your Dreams

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Which do you think is more powerful, dreams or fears?

The answer really depends on you. Which one do you allow to have the most influence on your life?

Fear is a natural response. When dangers are present our body activates defense mechanisms to keep it safe. When we become afraid, our adrenaline kicks in. We are more alert. Our heart is beating very fast. Our brain is racing. This is all a good thing. When we’re in danger, we need this to happen. The problem is, what we’re afraid of these days is, in most cases, not life threatening.

Today, we fear anything outside of our comfort zone. It could be talking in public, admitting you were wrong, asking someone out for the first time, taking a chance by starting a business, maybe it’s quitting a good job to do something you have always wanted to do.

Dreams are obviously very different. The things we want, and think about regularly, are our dreams. When we are kids our dreams are huge. We want to be doctors, lawyers, olympic athletes, race car drivers, astronauts, or even the leader of a great nation.

As we get older, our dreams change. We have a dream, evaluate it for its feasibility, determine if we really want to put in all that work, determine if the reward is big enough, if we think we are capable of doing what’s necessary, and eventually it comes down to our self confidence. Do we think we are capable of succeeding? We often allow fear to keep us from realizing our dreams.

The answer to the initial question is really up to you. To some, fear is much more powerful. They allow fear to keep them from their dreams. While to others, their dreams are stronger than their fear. These people don’t allow their fear to stop them from realizing their dreams.

It’s really up to you. If you allow fear to keep you from really living your life, then to you fear is more powerful. If you focus on achieving your dreams and overcoming your fears, then to you your dreams are more powerful.

The choice is yours and yours alone.

Remember, if you want to live a happy fulfilled life, don’t be controlled by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.