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Did You Know? E-Newsletters Work!

You can’t be everything to everyone that you’re trying to touch, and you have to have some type of an umbrella that takes that burden off of you because you’re realtors trying to run a business, not email marketers. You’re not social media gurus. You’re realtors with valuable time, and you need to be concentrating on other aspects of your real estate business.

E-Newsletters give businesses the opportunity to regularly communicate with customers and leads who have expressed interest in their company, making them a very warm audience. So what are the benefits of E-newsletters?

  1. Email is a Preferred Method of Communication. Today, email is one of the most popular forms of communication. By sending marketing materials to an email address, you ensure that you deliver your communications to a platform where your audience is nearly guaranteed to be spending time. In fact, 93 percent of internet users have indicated that they'd rather receive brand information in their email inbox versus their social media feed. So, by using email newsletters, you're ensuring that you're reaching people where they actually want to be reached online.

  2. Newsletters Help You Narrow Your List of Quality Leads. If someone signs up for your email newsletter, they've expressed an interest in your company - and have in turn become a lead. Once they begin to receive your newsletter, they may decide they are even more interested in doing business with you or that they no longer want to receive your communications. Email newsletters give consumers the ability to easily opt out of your list, which means that you can weed out the people who actually are not viable sales leads - and focus on the people who are still interested in becoming your customer.

  3. You Can Brand Yourself. Email newsletters are a great opportunity for a company to provide valuable, practical information and to show off what they know. For that reason, email newsletters can help you prove that you are a leader in your industry and a company that is worth doing business with.

  4. They Help You Stay at the Forefront of Customers' Minds. If you have a regular email newsletter, you can continuously remind current and potential customers that you exist. Many consumers get busy and forget about a company they're interested in without meaning to divert their attention. A regular email newsletter is a simple reminder that you're there and that you have a service or product to provide.

  5. You Can Schedule Them In Advance. Like all facets of your business, when it comes to marketing, time is money. Luckily, an email newsletter can be crafted in advance, then scheduled and sent out automatically by using marketing automation software. By automating your marketing messages, you can free up time to work on other parts of your business, and also ensure that you are sending out the newsletter at the optimal time of day.

  6. The ROI of Email Newsletters. With a low cost of operation to supplement all the benefits listed above, it’s no surprise that email newsletters generate a strong return on investment. In fact, a recent survey of marketers showed that email marketing was the most successful channel for digital marketing, especially when it comes to ROI. Sixty-eight percent of marketers surveyed reported that their ROI for email marketing was either "good" or "excellent." email marketing tactics had a median ROI of 122 percent. This means that email marketing pays off more than many other marketing techniques, including social media, direct mail and even paid search.

Email newsletters are a simple, convenient digital marketing technique, which can be helpful for a busy marketing team. You can use email newsletters to easily reach customers where they spend time - and not only can you provide value to them, you can also maintain them as a long-term customer.

Are you ready to reach your clients in an affordable, efficient and quality way? Hit the button below to learn about how our VAs can help!

What We Do: Marketing

Are you determined to get your business goals met in 2019? Do you have so many marketing ideas in your head and not enough time to implement them? What if you could relay those ideas to someone else and they could draft up the designs for your approval and then order and execute them while you go out and meet with clients? The job gets done… in more ways than one.

You give us the task, we’ll complete it. We handle Marketing tasks from postcard and business card designs, to website and social media platform creation, to customized listing presentations and more! If you have an idea, we will do our best to make it come to life!

Example of a Listing Presentation slide

Example of a Listing Presentation slide

Example of an Open House flyer

Example of an Open House flyer

Take a look at some of our frequently used marketing services and give us a call to discuss your marketing needs!

Plan Your Day, Week, Month, and Year with Beyond Routine!

At VBSRE, it’s important to stay organized and prioritize our tasks for the day… and the week! What better way to get that done than with a Beyond Routine Planner?

Beyond Routine planners are designed to be your vision guide. To help garner goal-oriented results that you can be proud of. To ensure you have all aspects of your business on your radar so that you don't lose momentum by only focusing on the things you enjoy doing. Your Beyond Routine Planner is designed to be your personal assistant, accountability partner, motivator, and instructor. It’s an assistant for our Virtual Assistants!

And it’s more than just another planner with a calendar and time slots. It tracks your water intake, has pages to write out your Dream Year and your goals for 5 and 10 years from now! It inspires you with a new quote each month, it keeps you in check for your fitness goals and did we mention it comes in an array of gorgeous styles and designs?!

If you’re ready to get your work week on track… and your life goals too… you need to get yourself a Beyond Routine planner! There is nothing routine about it… it truly goes beyond what other planners can do.

What We Do: Transaction Coordinator


We get it- the Real Estate Business can be fun up until the day in and day out tasks of managing your contracts.

  • Title requesting documents for a closing while you are showing 4 homes.

  • The follow up you want to give your client but you are with another client for 2 hours.

  • The tactful way you want to address an escalated situation but your phone is ringing off the hook?






  • Review the contract for completeness and pursue necessary parties for outstanding initials, signatures and dates.

  • Send agent an email outlining important dates and contact all parties involved in the transaction including the lender, title company, client and co-op agent; introduce myself and request that all paperwork and communications related to the transaction flow through me.

  • Add all dates to your digital calendar.

  • Establish file in your Broker system of record, upload documents and contact information.


  • Coordinate the timely satisfaction and removal of all contingencies and keep you informed of the progress, including ordering HOA/Condo Doc’s

  • Weekly lender check in and more frequently when necessary. 

  • Coordinate inspections with you, the inspector, the Buyer and the co-op.

  • On-going system of record maintenance as documents are submitted, changes are made via amendment, and we work through the transaction process. 

  • For Buyers: Collect 2nd Deposit check from Buyer and forward to listing agent.

  • For Sellers: order payoffs and tax, water & sewer certs.ž

  • Send detailed email requesting home warranty selection and follow up until selection is made. 


  • Provide clients with reminders to connect or disconnect all necessary utilities and to secure homeowner’s insurance.

  • Verify loan commitment with client’s lender, provide copies and notify you of any problems in underwriting.

  • Order and review the title report. Notify you of any issues and help to resolve.

  • Schedule final walkthrough and closing with your clients, the title company and you.


  • Obtain final signed closing disclosures and upload to your system or record.

  • Provide a congratulatory letter to your buyer(s) or a thank you letter to your seller(s) prompting them to leave a review for you with clickable links. 

  • Design Just Sold postcards and send out to the demographic of your choice (postage paid separately).

  • Add client to your contact database with new address and email to be added to your past client drip campaign. 

Upcoming Class: Confused on the TREC Contract Changes?

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Confused on the TREC Contract Changes?


- Review the marketing changes
- Review the contract changes
- Take changes line by line to ensure comprehension
- Live Q&A to address your questions

Sign up HERE

We Have Coordinated 1,000 Contracts!

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

We have reached a huge milestone here at Virtual Business Solutions Real Estate! 

The company as a whole has coordinated 1,000 contracts as of this month!

Transaction coordinating started as a service that only our CEO Tiffany did, while our COO Tristan did the listings. We have evolved to a staff of thirteen, 5 of whom are transaction coordinators. In 2016 we created a transaction coordinator manager position to complete audits,  increase oversight and to have ongoing and available mentorship. 

The success we have achieved is due to an all-encompassing package

  • Robust & Thorough: Sending all contact information to all parties no matter whose side we support. Proactive measures, asking for items before they’re late, checking in with all parties before issues are brought to us in the final hour. Handling the clients system of record - Dotloop, Skyslope, Reesio - we know them all! Sending the extra touches to the client (utility transfer, walk through of home warranty process). 
  • Marketing Included: We ensure everything you need to maximize from your transaction is included. Request reviews, social media posts after closing and designing your Just Sold postcard. 
  • Brand Ambassador: Our coordinators work out of assistant accounts to appear in-house with the agent. Many agents that call me have worked with our team on the other side of transaction and never knew. Our intention is to strengthen our clients brand and not our own. 

Our team goes above and beyond to please each client. Their ambition to over deliver, coupled with a robust and proactive system, all packaged at a price an independent agent can pay or a broker can absorb for his team, has positioned us as leaders in this niche industry. 

In honor of our 1,000th contract we are doing something we have NEVER done: if you are an active client, that has never used our TC service we are waiving our deposit so you can see what all the hype is about! 
If you are not an active client, we are a referral only company with quarterly open enrollments, we are not currently in open enrollment but to celebrate we will waive the requirement for 72 hours if you would like to add hours into your day to focus on your highest and most impactful tasks.

Thank you to an amazing team and incredibly loyal clients, we celebrate today, 1,000 contracts coordinated!

Join Us: Next Level Agents Appraisal Class

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston


- How to help make appraised value
- What information to provide to the appraiser
- Do’s & Don’ts
- In-depth look at the appraisal process & priorities
- Ask every question that you want!

LIVE Q&A session, our instructor will be happy to answer any general questions and/or issues you may run into during the appraisal process. 

Visit our website to sign up to attend:

*Important Real Estate Notice: New TREC Guidelines

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) recently adopted updated advertising rules. The effective date of the new rules is May 15, 2018, and we want to make sure everyone is thoroughly prepared for the changes.

These new rules are the result of years of work by the Commission and key stakeholders focusing on clarity of advertisements for consumers with the least restrictions on license holders. The rules also interpret and balance revised statutory requirements supporting free commerce and business competition with those protecting the consumer from misleading advertisements.

Senate Bill 2212, passed during the 85th legislature, made changes to the regulations governing advertising for brokers and sales agents, eliminating an age-old law that the advertiser be identified as a broker or agent in all advertising. However, it clarifies that an advertisement is misleading if it fails to include the name of the broker or implies that a sales agent is responsible for the operation of a brokerage. The bill also restricted any TREC rule from requiring the use of the term broker, agent, a reference to the Texas Real Estate Commission, or a license number in advertisements. Keep in mind, license holders can still choose to use those terms in advertisements if they want. 

Chapter 1101.652(b)(23) clearly states that license holder’s advertising cannot be misleading, cannot imply that a sales agent is the responsible party, and must include the name of the broker.

Chapter 1101.156(b), continues to restrict the Commission from regulating certain forms of advertising, personal appearance or voice, or the use of a registered assumed business name. New language was added to this statute, to also restrict the Commission from requiring the use of the term "broker," "agent," or a similar designation or term, a reference to the commission, or the person's license number in a license holder’s  advertisement.

TREC’s Advertising Rules

The current rule was split into two rules to separate out name and registration of name requirements from advertising requirements (§535.154 and §535.155).

TREC Rule §535.154 Registration and Use of Names

This rule defines alternate name, associated broker, assumed business name and team name. Each type of name must be registered with TREC before the name can be used in an advertisement. This is a change from the existing rule. The most significant change concerns team names.   A team name is not an assumed business name of the broker, and cannot contain terms that imply that the team is offering brokerage services independent of the broker. Team names must end with the terms “team” or “group”.

TREC Rule §535.155 Advertisements

All license holders’ advertisements must include the license holder’s name or team name. It also must include the broker’s name in at least half the size of the largest contact information for any sales agent, associated broker, or team name contained in the advertisement.

Understanding that advertisements take many different forms today, the Commission revised the exception for social media to allow more flexibility. An advertisement on social media will comply with the rule as long as the license holder has linked to the required information in the account profile or the information is readily accessible by a direct link in the advertisement.

Subsection (d) – 20 instances of advertisements that may mislead the public

This subsection lays out 20 ways a license holder may violate statutory advertisement requirements. Most of these were in the existing rule too.  These examples are not the only ways a license holder’s advertisement can be misleading. Here are a few set out in the subsection:

  1. Using a title, such as "owner", "president", "CEO", "COO", or another similar title, email or website address that implies a sales agent is responsible for the operation of a brokerage.
  2. A team name with terms that imply the team is offering brokerage services independent from its sponsoring broker, including, but not limited to, “realty”, “brokerage”, “company”, and “associates”
  3. An ad that contains the name of a sales agent whose name is, in whole or in part, used in a broker’s name and that implies that the sales agent is responsible for the operation of the brokerage
  4. Including the value of a property, unless it is based on an appraisal that is disclosed and readily available upon request by a party or it is given in compliance with § 535.17 (required disclaimer for estimated worth or sales price)

Be sure to reference subsection (d) before placing an ad or ordering new signage to ensure your advertisements do not resemble any of the examples of misleading advertisement given in the rule.

The Gist

TREC knows there has been a lot of concerns and misinformation about advertising requirements. These new rules simplify requirements and ensure consumers know whom they are working with. We want to make sure we help you get into and stay in compliance with these new rules.

You can read more in-depth about the new advertising rules here.

You can also download this PDF which will show you examples of acceptable advertising and those that are not approved by the TREC guidelines. 

VBSRE Feature: Listing Presentations - Ready to Order!

We provide custom listing presentation templates where you can have a complete modern and professional listing presentation in PPT form so you can add your own images and contact information or request that we finalize the custom presentation for you!

The Ultimate Listing Presentation!

Now Available to Purchase as a template or fully customized with your information and brand! 

You have just found the most impressive and strategically organized Real Estate Listing Presentation that will help you win listings. This custom listing presentation is easy to use, cost effective, and works great for any real estate agent – experienced or not! Our listing presentation can be fully customized to match any brokerage’s identity and branding, any agent’s business model, and will work in any market.

Tip of the Week: Use Drip Marketing

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Email drips are some of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to automatically reach out to leads. To act non-confrontational, keep your drip emails very informal with an end goal of getting your lead to take an action like responding.

Tip of the Week: Follow the '10 Days of Pain' Rule

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

I know it sounds awful, but trust me when I say that it works. During the first 10 days of getting a lead, you should try calling, texting and leaving voicemails several times. At this point, you shouldn’t need to manually email your lead since your drip system should be taking care of that portion of outreach. You will probably feel like you shouldn’t make that extra call or send that extra text, but it might make the difference between getting a deal and missing out on one. The first few minutes are especially important when you first get a lead, but if you don’t immediately make contact with them, the next 10 days are crucial.

Tip of the Week: Time is of the Essence

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

How To Convert Your Real Estate Leads

By Ani Stepanian

Real estate leads are among the most difficult yet rewarding online leads you can work with. On the one hand, getting random strangers to trust you with assisting in buying/selling their homes is one of the most difficult things you can do as an agent. On the other hand, finding one good lead that closes a deal has the potential to pay for itself tenfold. The focus of this article is real estate, but this technique can be applied to any type of web lead you’re working with.

1. Time is of the essence.

You should reach out to your online lead within the first few minutes of getting your lead alert. You’re 80% more likely to make contact with a lead if you reach out to them immediately. That number drops to about 20-35% if you wait over 30 minutes to reach out to your lead. Always be of the mindset that you’re not the only product/brand/agent this lead is researching and if you don’t reach them first, somebody else will.


Tip of the Week: Focus On the Finish Line

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

When does that racehorse really pour on the power? You guessed it…in that final stretch of the race, with the finish line in sight.

It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the final days of the year, when our focus should be all about rocking our numbers as we reach the finish line. It’s time to maximize these final weeks to meet or exceed those goals we set many months ago.

Will you meet your goals, or fall short?

Many agents use the slowdown of the market as we near the holidays as an excuse to slack off. We all love the holidays, and while life is about enjoying these special times, for the savvy agent, ramping up when everyone else is gearing down offers the best competitive advantage.

While everyone else is sipping cider and decorating for the holidays, here are a few proven ways to take advantage of the lull and score big.

Set up a face-to-face touch with everyone you did business with this year. 

The end of the year is a logical time to contact past clients, your sphere of influence, current prospects and strategic partners to say a special “thank you.” Consider hosting a fun event or a pie promotion to past clients, customers, referral resources and current prospects.

Contact prospects who aren’t ready to buy or sell, and ask what date they want you to contact them after the holidays. 

Pop by with a small holiday promotional gift or card that tells them a donation has been made by you in their name. These are solid ways to keep the connection going.

Support a give-back campaign within the community. 

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for details on drives to benefit the local food pantry, animal shelter, homeless shelter or senior center and discover different ways to support them through your sphere of influence. Be present at each of the various venues for the distribution or pick-up of the drive. Make sure to take plenty of photos and videos to post on your Facebook business page. Sharing the combined efforts of you and the participating vendors creates high visibility and endless goodwill.

Inspect what you expect from your various service providers. 

Do a deep dive into inspecting what lead generation and CRM (client relationship management) platforms have proven to be profitable. When you study the actual return on the investment, you’re better equipped to make the decision to renew those particular services or start looking for a better solution. As an example, if you’ve been paying every month for a lead-generation service, now is a great time to determine what percentage of those leads have resulted in sales. Service providers count on the fact that a monthly billing will continue to ping your credit card and go unnoticed. Knowing what your real costs are can make the difference between buying leads and actually converting them into real profits.

As the year draws to an end, keep your eye on the goal to go, and we’ll see you in the profit zone.

Tip of the Week: Have A System

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

The real estate industry is full of peaks and valleys. For many agents, these peaks and valleys are often reflected in their incomes, making it difficult for them to build profitable, successful businesses. Almost all agents find themselves facing one or more of the common challenges of the business, which include inconsistent income, difficulty generating high-quality leads, weathering the emotional highs and lows, lack of structure and inability to stand out among the competition.

If you’re stuck in the cycle of peaks and valleys, there’s one thing that can help you break out: having a system. When you have a system to follow, you have the tools and strategies you need to stay focused and on track to build your business. The right system not only helps you earn more; it’ll help you save time and create consistency and predictability in your business. While the market may experience peaks and valleys, your business doesn’t have to.

Target Market Your Database

The most effective way to build your business is to tap into your existing relationships and ask for referrals. Working by referral allows you to target market your database, nurturing your relationships through consistent contact and providing your clients with valuable information and insight, as well as a high-level of service. When you talk to them, listen for a need you can meet and act on it right away. If your client mentions they’re thinking of replacing the roof on their home, connect them with reputable roofers in your network. Or, if they mention they’re thinking of starting a business, give them a book from your favorite business leaders to help them keep their motivation high. These seemingly small gestures have a big impact and help to build your relationship.

A benefit of building your database with people you enjoy working with is it helps you better manage your time and prioritize your day. You won’t waste time dreading an upcoming interaction with a mean or overly-demanding client; instead, you’ll do your proactive lead-generating activities with a smile on your face. Boost the effectiveness of your interactions by tracking your activities and results; that way, you can see where you stand in your business, tap into more opportunities to connect with your clients and fill your pipeline with a steady stream of leads.

Once you’ve developed a relationship with your clients—whether you’re currently working with them or you helped them buy or sell a home a few years ago—ask them for referrals to other great clients like them. Most people will be eager to refer you to their friends, family and co-workers, if asked. Since “birds of a feather flock together,” asking your best clients for referrals helps you ensure you’ll continue to build a database of great people you enjoy working with.

Lead-Generating Habits Necessary to Success

If you want to succeed, be sure to cultivate these habits. They’re imperative to developing a lucrative and predictable business.

  1. Commit to two hours of proactive lead generation activities each day. This includes calling your clients to check in, writing personal notes to thank clients for their business or delivering small gifts of appreciation to your clients’ homes or offices.
  2. Mail an item of value each month to help you reinforce your character and competence as an agent. While these marketing pieces don’t necessarily have to discuss real estate each time, they should cover a topic of interest to your clients, whether they’re current or aspiring homeowners.
  3. Always follow up with a phone call after you’ve sent your marketing piece to see how they’re doing and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. This is the best time to listen for a need you can fill, so listen closely.
  4. Send a personal note after you speak with your client on the phone to express how much you enjoyed catching up with them.
  5. For your best clients, deliver a small gift of appreciation to their home or office to further build the relationship.

Don’t forget to ask for a referral each time you speak with your clients. A gentle reminder will help them remember to refer you when a family member, friend or co-worker mentions they’re thinking of buying or selling a home. 

Tip of the Week: Website SEO

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

You would be hard-pressed to find any real estate professional who would argue against the value of an strong online presence. A well-built business website can increase sales leads and build brand awareness.

Your site should play a vital role in assisting clients as they begin the buying or selling journey. For 44 percent of buyers, the first step taken in the home search is to look at properties for sale online, according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2016 survey. The report also reveals that 86 percent of buyers found websites to be the most useful source of information while purchasing a home.

Whether you’re a new agent, a broker starting a new company, or a brokerage owner who’s considering giving your agents their own websites, online tools such as Placester—a REALTOR Benefits® Partner—offer free websites to members of NAR. Other companies like Wix or Weebly can help users create a real estate website for a relatively low cost. Or, you can work with a company that specializing in custom-designed websites. Real estate professionals can choose to connect to an IDX feed, which will display MLS listings, or you can choose to manually upload properties you’re listing on your website with beautiful photos and descriptions.

No matter which solution you choose, the most important aspect of maintaining a website is making sure your potential clients can find you online. So, a key component of your online marketing strategy is making your website easy to find. You need to effectively position your brand in search engine results like Google through search engine optimization.

Optimize Information on Your Real Estate Website

The content on your website contains vital information for letting Google and other search engines know your relevancy to a search query. You can optimize the following content on your website to make search engines happy and return your site in results:

  1. Choose a domain name that’s relevant to your business and location. For example:
  2. Use keywords strategically on each page of your website to identify your business, services, and location. Choose words or phrases your target clientele would use to find you.
  3. Include your contact information—your company name, address, and phone number—on every webpage, not just your homepage or contact page.
  4. Go beyond content that only focuses on your services and listings, and include information about the local area in your website copy. This will help search engines associate your business site with the local market, and more importantly, provide valuable information to your buyers, letting them know you’re an expert in the area.

Other SEO strategies include link building, guest blogging, social media marketing, and working with third-party review and listing sites. The more effort you put into your SEO strategy in the beginning, the more it will build over time so your website is the first solution your potential clients discover when they begin to looking for real estate properties in your area.

Tip of the Week: Increase Your Knowledge

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

They say knowledge is power. And any realtor who wants to become successful must be knowledgeable. Real estate is a dynamic industry that keeps on changing; hence, it is important to keep updating yourself. Realtors who keep on learning have a bigger advantage than those who never keep themselves posted. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to gain more knowledge in the real estate industry.

Reading Real Estate Books

Reading is essential for any realtor as it will not just expand your knowledge but will also help deepen your culture and broaden your mind. Therefore, be sure to look for tangible books that discuss real estate comprehensively and then read as many as you can.

Socializing with People

It is important to socialize, as well as familiarize yourself, with other real estate agents and attend as many events and conferences as you can. You should also attend other social gatherings like church services and community meetings. Through this, you will be able to expand your knowledge about the local community where you work.

Never Missing the News

Whether it is online or on TV, you should never miss the news. News will keep you posted and informed, thereby increasing your knowledge. Ideally, you will be able to determine the behavior of the market as well as external and internal factors affecting real estate in your area. You should also follow a real estate blog, read papers, and look at online sources like podcasts to get relevant news that discusses real estate. Think about following prominent real estate gurus on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The more different sources of information you can gather from, the better informed you will be able the latest trends and developments in the business.

Knowing More About Real Estate Wholesaling

Many realtors lack knowledge of real estate wholesaling and end up losing tons of opportunities because of it. Real estate wholesaling is a great way to circumvent market fluctuations. There are many seminars on real estate wholesaling that will help you further your knowledge in this area.

Trying to Answer All Questions Asked by a Client

A client will want to know things before signing any contract, and it is important that you answer all of their questions. Sometimes, you may not have the answers with you, but try to do some research after that to make sure you are able to answer them at the next meeting. This will help expand your knowledge and draw you closer to success.

Regardless of your experience or how much knowledge you have in real estate, as a realtor, it is always good to keep on increasing your knowledge. The real estate industry always changes based on a number of factors like the economy and the environment. As a result, it is important to keep yourself up to date. Remember, by expanding your knowledge, you will be able to remain relevant in the industry and improve your chances of closing deals.

Tip of the Week: Build Your Brand on Social Media

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Original Source

Social media has become a key branding tool for professionals across all fields, including real estate. Brokers and agents can connect with fellow industry players, push out information about listings or open houses and use social listening tools to identify potential clients who may be looking to buy.

But as with any brand, no one will want to follow you if all you post about is business. Your social media audience wants to know that there's a human being behind your accounts, and it's important to have a healthy mix of personal and professional content to keep people engaged.

Members of Forbes Real Estate Council offered 10 key ways to use social media as an effective brand-building tool without alienating your followers.

1. Show Your Personality And Charm

You may be focused on selling your product and service, but it is paramount that you incorporate the importance of intangible factors like personality and charm. You've been in sales your whole life because every day you are selling your most important asset: yourself. It may sound cliché, but people do business with people they like. So sell yourself; the business will come later. - Alex Chieng, A & L Real Estate Team

2. Be Yourself And Let People Into Your Daily Life 

Don't be afraid to let people in on your daily life. If you post little snippets of your life, people will love following you. Keep your social media positive — happy pictures of your friends and family, and then sprinkle in a little bit of work-related subjects. Be real! When you make people laugh, they will be glued to your reality. - Angela Yaun, Day Realty Group

3. Find A Balance 

It’s important for your social media to be a reflection of yourself, personality and all. But at the same time, remember who your audience is. Your followers are likely interested in your real estate knowledge, not necessarily how you feel about the current political climate. Make sure to find a balance or people might not take you seriously in the real estate industry. - Joshua Hunt, TRELORA

4. Have Your Clients Blow Your Trumpet 

I have seen some younger brokers/agents use social media to engage with their customers and use that as a brand building tool. It adds more validity to your skills when praise comes from your clients rather than yourself. Tagging your clients in a post mentioning a successful closing might be the first step to brand building on social media. - Nikhil Choudhary, Zenith Engineers Inc

5. Focus On Facebook 

The biggest mistake most good agents make with social media is they try to do it all. The vast majority can't; they are too busy. The best one for agents is hyperlocal: Facebook. You can connect with your sphere and your neighbors. There is no better way to reach your audiences to build your brand. Use Facebook in the course of your daily routine and post as you go. - Kevin Hawkins, WAV Group, Inc.

6. Be Consistent 

To build brand awareness you need to stay consistent with your message, whatever it may be. Make sure to be active across your social media platforms on a daily basis and find a way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the herd. - Engelo Rumora, List'n Sell Realty

7. Don't Try To Sell

Use social media to build your personal brand, not to sell your product or service. Post items that help people understand who you are, what you think and what you stand for. Be very careful never to criticize others: Whatever you say on social media is out there forever, in writing, for anyone to see. - Lee Kiser, Kiser Group

8. Add Value To The Conversation 

Whether you currently use social media or not, it is critical to understand that your brand is already being talked about online. By using social media, you can steer the conversation in the direction you desire. The No. 1 rule of social media is to provide value. Always make sure you're adding value to the conversation while keeping the goals of your audience in mind. - Sarnen Steinbarth, TurboTenant

9. Be Where Your Clients Are 

When developing and managing your social media brand, it's important to focus on those channels where you'll have the most impact. The greatest content in the world is useless if no one is seeing it. Survey your clients and prospects to find out what social media channels they're using and what type of posts they like to read. - Lisa Fettner, ReferralExchange

10. Go Behind The Scenes 

Use social updates, videos, live streams and other tools to show off not only your listings, but your life. And I'm not talking about a video of you standing in front of a Bentley — I'm talking about the real grunt work that goes on behind the scenes whether you're staging, flipping or listing a home. - Kent Clothier, Real Estate Worldwide

Tip of the Week: Rock Your 4th Quarter

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

By the Experts at Buffini and Company for RisMedia

Whether you’re on track to exceed your goals or you’ve fallen behind, you have two-plus months to finish strong and set the stage for a successful 2018. Luckily, autumn is a great time to get face-to-face with your clients and generate leads. Don’t take your foot off the gas and coast into the holiday season; use this social time of year to seize opportunities to check in with your clients while you enjoy the spirit of the season.

Adopt the mindset of a sprinter.

By the end of the year, many agents begin to feel their motivation wane. If that sounds like you, flip your calendar ahead to December and pick the last day you plan to work before the holidays. Then, count backwards through the calendar to see how many weeks you have left to reach your goals. This allows you to think like a sprinter and act as if each week is a separate sprint. At the end of each week, take a break to help you begin the next week refreshed and focused on your end-goal.

Focus on lead generation.

Keep your pipeline full of leads well into the New Year with consistent lead generation. Continue to do your proactive lead-generating activities right up until your vacation starts and not only will you achieve your goals this year; you’ll sow the seeds for business and closings in the winter and spring, as well.

Enlist help to stay motivated.

Take your motivation to the next level by pairing up with a colleague in the office. Compare notes each week to encourage one another. Share your successes and challenges of the week and provide accountability to help each other reach goals.

Get a lead by lunchtime.

If you need a lead, deliver a small gift of appreciation to help you get face-to-face with your clients and deepen your relationships with them. Luckily, we’re entering the most social time of the year when people are eager to connect. When you pop by your clients’ homes or offices with a small, thoughtful gift, you not only thank them for their business and referrals; you also ensure you stay at the forefront of their minds.

  1. If you’re nervous about dropping by your clients, start with the people you like the most. It’ll fuel your energy and keep you motivated to visit more of your clients.
  2. Make sure they’re home or in the office when you arrive by calling ahead and letting them know approximately when you’ll be there.
  3. Keep the visits short; they shouldn’t be any longer than 15 minutes. Stay standing while you’re visiting to ensure you don’t stay too long.
  4. Don’t get hung up on the gift. The true gift is your time and the visit. The gift itself should be thoughtful and inexpensive, such as seasonal gifts like fresh picked apples from a local farm or a bag of Halloween candy or holiday-themed items such as a festive wreath, holiday ornament or baked goods. If you’re planning to host a holiday party, hand-deliver the invitation to your clients.

Here’s to enjoying, and leveraging, the holiday season, and setting yourself up for a prosperous New Year!

Tip of the Week: Cultivate Relationships

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

By Brian Buffini for RisMedia

Most agents, in an effort to get quick results, only see as far as their next transaction. While this tactic works occasionally, it doesn’t match the seasonality of the market, and it’s not sustainable over the long run. The most successful agents understand that while hunting for and generating leads is important, it’s also necessary to plan ahead by cultivating relationships.

Thrive in Any Season

The primary difference between an agent who’s just getting by and a successful professional is mindset. Not only do the pros consider the future and prepare for potential shifts in the market, they understand the importance of investing in their relationships with existing clients.

Just as a farmer cultivates his fields, professionals tend to their relationships by calling to check in on clients, writing personal notes and providing great service after the transaction has closed. On the flip side, daily lead-generation activities put pros in the position of a hunter; performing daily lead-generation activities will produce leads and fill their pipeline with business.

Cultivate Reliable Leads

When the market is up, business flourishes. This is the time to build relationships and add people to your database. You can help your business weather peaks and valleys by asking for referrals from clients when the market is high and making time to get face-to-face. This is also the time to make your business a well-oiled machine so you’re in a position to thrive when the market slows down.

Be “Salt”

A primary trading commodity between civilizations, salt—or sodium chloride—is a seasoning that changed the world. Separately, both sodium and chloride are poisonous; however, when put together, they’re essential for life.

Think of sodium as our “thinking” and chloride as our “actions.” Thinking allows you to unleash the power of your mind; action helps you harness the power of your habits. When you combine the two—when you become salt—you’re an unstoppable force. If you want to “be salt,” you need to:

  1. Make up your mind. Andrew Carnegie said, “You are what you think. So just think big, believe big, act big, work big, give big, forgive big, laugh big, love big and live big.” Maintain a positive, can-do attitude and harness the power of a made-up mind.
  1. Just do it. Once you’ve decided to do it, do it. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Use the tools at your disposal to take action and build your business.
  1. Do it better. Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” Always work to improve your skills and increase your knowledge, then apply what you’ve learned to your business.

Real estate is cyclical. Insulate yourself from the whims of the market by leveraging the peak seasons, maximizing your efforts and becoming salt. If you put in the work and commit to developing relationships, your business will not only survive—it’ll thrive.

Tip of the Week: Weather the Storm

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Tiffany Haynes | VBS Real Estate | Transaction Coordinator | Listing Coordinator | Marketing | Texas | Dallas | Houston

Weathering the storm: 5 tips for real estate agents handling natural disasters

By Billy Nash

A few years ago, when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, I was there. Now I’m in South Florida, where Hurricane Irma just hit. As a team leader, I have seen first-hand the psychological impact that natural disasters can have.

For real estate agents, the days leading up to and after an event like this are pivotal. This is an opportunity to be more than just an agent — to show your value, put clients at ease and keep your multi-million dollar deals alive. Here are five tips to help agents get through natural disasters.

Be sensitive

If you are in the middle of a deal when disaster strikes your area, you have to be sensitive to what your buyers or sellers are feeling.

It’s not just about closing the deal but also being supportive and creative to keep everything in check.

Whether a blizzard, earthquake, hurricane or wildfire, it will take some time and effort to get things back on track, but all is not lost. This is a test to see who is built to handle these unpredictable high-pressure situations.

Client communication is key

Sometimes this means doing a little bit more than showing a client a property and disappearing after they sign on the dotted line.

Building lifelong relationships is what differentiates me from my peers. Reach out before and after the storm.

Clients and prospects need reassurance that their investment is safe both before and after. This can seal the deal for future referrals and transactions.

Also, after the storm, it is critical to re-engage with buyers and sellers and reiterate why we have chosen to live in the communities we love.

Manage the fears and reactions of your clients

They are going to panic, but it is in your best interest to help keep them calm.

For example, since Hurricane Andrew, homes in Florida are built to handle strong hurricanes. It is essential to educate out-of-state buyers on this. They can see how well homes held up through Irma’s strong winds.

Combined with master generators, impact glass and hurricane shutters, homes are virtually unscathed. A new building under construction that I have sold over $6 million worth of units in can handle Category 5 winds.

Add value to the experience

Roll up your sleeves, and get involved. Take the time to ask clients if they need help putting up or taking down shutters.

The weekend before Irma made landfall in Florida, I had a client who had just purchased a spectacular $1 million unit on the water on Singer Island.

He had parked his brand-new luxury car in an underground garage on the property before returning to Boston just three weeks ago.

After speaking with him, we arranged to have the keys mailed down, and I was able to move the car off the island to avoid damage the day before the storm.

After the storm, I checked on multiple properties, surveying any damage and sending photos to clients to ensure that their homes were safe. Maintaining communication is the key.

Lend some support

Consider going one step further and allocating a percentage of your commission to give back to impacted areas. Not just in your area, but also anywhere and everywhere areas are affected.

Natural disasters are always going to exist, but it is all about how you bounce back and get your clients through them. If you hide under your desk, your buyers and sellers will dwindle, and this will slow down business.

Learn and grow from each one. Pound the pavement. Keep in touch or you will fade away, just like the storm.