Because you were wondering...

Do you communicate from your company email?

Absolutely not! We work out of an assistant account where we appear side by side with you. For instance, let’s say the agent's name is Tom Reid, we would create an email asst.tomreid@gmail.com and we would mirror your signature and voila we appear in house and a part of the team! Your dedicated assistant will have the email connected to their mobile device to ensure prompt responsiveness.

Where are your virtual assistants located?

In the US of A! The majority of us are in Texas but we have VA’s in California, Kansas and Virginia.

Are the virtual assistants licensed?

We do have some licensed virtual assistants but most are not, we work in an assistant capacity so if we draft documents we always receive agent approval before sending. All assistants have previous experience in the field they support.

Do I get one dedicated assistant for everything?

Nope. We have dedicated transaction coordinators and dedicated listing coordinators and dedicated marketing assistants. You will ALWAYS work with the same assistant based on the task but we believe that if you are an excellent transaction coordinator you should stick with that and not have to learn Photoshop to do marketing as well. We do have a couple unicorns in the group that do 2 out of the 3 but most assistants will be dedicated to that task. You can always email your dedicated assistant account and we will be sure the right person receives it.

Can I put my assistant on my website as a part of my team?

Go right ahead, we welcome it! Also since you have dedicated assistants per task you can put your listing coordinator, transaction coordinator, and marketing specialist all as your staff. You may even put the CEO Tiffany as your office manager if you would like.

Can I meet my assistant in person?

If you live near your assistant you sure can. If you are in the Dallas area you can always meet our CEO, Tiffany Haynes. Also, our CEO teaches real estate classes with Fair Texas Title and you are always welcome to attend!

Do you have a detailed brochure with all your pricing and services information?

Of course, email us at info@vbsrealestate.com and we will send it to you!