We get it- the Real Estate Business can be fun up until the day in and day out tasks of managing your contracts.

  • Title requesting documents for a closing while you are showing 4 homes.

  • The follow up you want to give your client but you are with another client for 2 hours.

  • The tactful way you want to address an escalated situation but your phone is ringing off the hook?

VBS Real Estate handles it all!

Call us so we make your life easier! 

The VBS Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Package Includes: 


Intake Tasks

  • Review the contract for completeness and pursue necessary parties for outstanding initials, signatures and dates.

  • žSend agent an email outlining important dates and contact all parties involved in the transaction including the lender, title company, client and co-op agent; introduce myself and request that all paperwork and communications related to the transaction flow through me.

  • Add all dates to your digital calendar.

  • Establish file in your Broker system of record, upload documents and contact information.

Contract Management

  • žCoordinate the timely satisfaction and removal of all contingencies and keep you informed of the progress, including ordering HOA/Condo Doc’s

  • Weekly lender check in and more frequently when necessary.

  • žCoordinate inspections with you, the inspector, the Buyer and the co-op.

  • žOn-going system of record maintenance as documents are submitted, changes are made via amendment, and we work through the transaction process.

  • žFor Buyers: Collect 2nd Deposit check from Buyer and forward to listing agent.

  • žFor Sellers: order payoffs and tax, water & sewer certs.ž

  • Send detailed email requesting home warranty selection and follow up until selection is made.


  • žProvide clients with reminders to connect or disconnect all necessary utilities and to secure homeowner’s insurance.

  • žVerify loan commitment with client’s lender, provide copies and notify you of any problems in underwriting.

  • žOrder and review the title report. Notify you of any issues and help to resolve.

  • žSchedule final walkthrough and closing with your clients, the title company and you.

Post Closing

  • žObtain final signed closing disclosures and upload to your system or record.

  • Provide a congratulatory letter to your buyer(s) or a thank you letter to your seller(s) prompting them to leave a review for you with clickable links.

  • Design Just Sold postcards and send out to the demographic of your choice (postage paid separately).

  • Add client to your contact database with new address and email to be added to your past client drip campaign.

Tiffany and her team have been a critical part of our success. It is great peace of mind to be able to send Tiffany a mess of documents and know she will handle it from there. I’ve been a broker since ‘94 and teach real estate contracts at Northlake college. The point being, I trust her accuracy and the efficiency of her group makes it a no-brainer to use them even for someone who has been around the block... several times!
— Troy Perkins, The Realty Associates Irving, TX