Creative Director

Larry is an award winning graphic designer that has developed over 1,000 brand images world-wide and has designed over 1,000 product patents. Larry has been the lead graphic designer for Virtual Business Solutions for over two years. Designing everything from logos, business cards, letterhead, flyers, postcards, and custom websites. He is known for his ability to take a verbal vision and deliver breathtaking results. With all his designs dynamically different yet cohesive for each client he has truly mastered what it is to be a graphic 'designer'. 

Larry@VBSRealEstate.com   |   Call: 972-540-7745 


VA Specialty: Graphic Design, Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, etc.

Lives in: Plano, TX

Fun Fact:  Larry has two kids and is also a professional photographer. 

Favorite Quote
Call me the Brand King.
— Larry Wriser