Online Presence Assessment

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If a potential client calls you, you wouldn’t answer the phone and say, “I’m average at best, there are others that can help you better. Thanks for reaching out!” Think of it like this: when someone Googles your name or business, that is a stranger calling you for an interview. Every link associated with you is a response to one question:

‘Can this person help me?’ So ask yourself, just what are you saying back?

This is how you have to imagine the information that is online as it pertains to your name, your brand, and your business. You are not actually on the phone or in person to defend yourself. The information on line about you is your representative in that moment.


We will first: Find out what your online presence is saying about you. Is it accurate? Is it complete? Is it displaying the core of who you are and what you want to convey?

We will obtain some feedback from you and complete an online assessment to see where any alignment has been missed. We then provide you with a complete overview of what needs to be done to take control of your presence on the web. That way we can equip your representative to portray your core values, your expertise, and ensure you have answered the question: ‘Can this person help me?’ with a resounding YES!

Then you will receive your second interview; the actual phone call!