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Tristan has been assisting our team as a virtual assistant for over a year. She is organized, creative and responsive. She has become part of almost all of our processes and is a solid part of our team!
— Susan Desselle, Desselle Real Estate
Tristan is very professional and wonderful to work with. Very creative and her turn-around times on projects is very quick. I highly recommend Tristan.
— Barb Roberts
Tristan is a highly skilled, thorough, and articulate VA! I highly recommend her for any Entrepreneur looking to grow their business!
— Gary Grubbs

Tristan Skiles, COO at Virtual Business Solutions (VBS), stands on the scripture found in Colossians 3:23, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people”. As a Virtual Business Solutions specialist, she creates a wide range of documents for a variety of clientele, saving them invaluable time and allowing them to concentrate on running their business, something her clients point to as being indispensable.

Considered by her clients to be organized, creative, responsive, and trustworthy, Tristan, who sees herself as a perfectionist and a person with integrity, places a premium value on the production of quality work. She takes the time to understand the needs and wants of every client, making informed suggestions as to how they can grow and better their businesses. Her dedication and genuine interest in the success of her clients ensures that consistent and high quality work is produced. Tristan’s clients are free to focus on what they love to do, while she handles all of the details.

Tristan previously worked at a local college, where she played a key role in setting up new administrative systems and training employees. When she left the college to work from home as a Virtual Assistant, she was determined to teach herself everything she needed to know to be successful. Tristan spent countless hours watching videos, reading material, and working with unfamiliar programs in order to provide clients with the services they needed. Through hard work and dedication, she gained clients and provided them with the top quality work she has become known for.

Her continued success can also be attributed to an understanding gleaned from working with a broad cross-section of clients. They all want the same thing. They want to know that they can trust their business needs to her and that they will, in fact, get the results that they are looking for. They want to feel like she knows their business and will do everything in her power to make sure they are successful. Most importantly, Tristan believes that her clients want to know that she’s trustworthy, honest, and dedicated.

Tristan can honestly say that she cares about the success of every one of her clients. That care is reflected in the work that she produces for her clients and in her ongoing success at Virtual Business Solutions. 

VA Specialty: Operations, Project Management, Graphic Design

Lives in: California

Fun Fact: Tristan and Tiffany also Co-Founded and own Beyond Routine, LLC. where they design and sell Real Estate and Entrepreneur planners. Tristan & her husband of 15 years are also District Youth Directors for the Pentecostal Church of God in Southern California, Associate Pastors at their church, and have 3 kids!

Favorite Quote

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
— Thomas Edison